Cityscape Photography

Cityscape photography is a great form of urban art in today’s society. Beauty can be created from things that are not beautiful and things that are cold, hard, industrial creations of humanity.

Minneapolis Urban CityscapeArtist’s Statement, 10/05/2005:

The work I’ve been creating for the past three years has taken me on an exploration of light and color, and that is exactly what photography is—the process of recording light, but my work is, by no means, limited to this definition.  I am in constant search of more than just perfect natural lighting situations for landscapes.  I intend to show coincidences within the elements of composition as well, such as balance, unity, color, contrast & wide tonal range, shape & form and more.

Minneapolis Urban Cityscape 1Within the elements of composition comes something even greater to me: The developments, manipulations, alterations, and overall disturbance that humans have caused to our environments.  The past thousand years have shown drastic change of these natural environments because of the exponential increase in our population and our expansive living areas.  My work is not objectively about this idea, but rather, it ties together the natural beauty of landscapes with our intrusive structures and how the two entities interact and exist with one another in some sort of balance.  I don’t want to make nature look glorified and I don’t want to make sterile objects look ugly or unappealing, but I do want to incorporate both elements into a harmony of visual balance that mimic one another so that viewers are aware of issues within the context of each image. Minneapolis Urban Cityscape 4Minneapolis Urban Cityscape 2Minneapolis Urban Cityscape 3 Minneapolis Urban Cityscape 15Cityscape Photography, Landscape Photography, Urban Photography, Long Exposure Photography, Abstract Photography, Conceptual Photography, City Photographyl