Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography 1 Fashion Photography 2 Fashion Photography 3 Model in Snowcovered WoodsFashion Photography 4Fashion Photos, Glamour Photography, Sexy Photography, Model Photography, Model Photographer, Minneapolis, Studio Photographer, Studio Photography.  If you are looking for fashion or glamour photography, hire a photographer with experience and a bachelor degree to back it up (BFA 2006, MCAD).

Emily – Fashion Photography

Emily was a perfect model for fashion photography in the studio. We featured a look with zebra stripe hand bag and tank top to begin.

Emily fashion photography 1 Emily fashion photography 2 Emily fashion photography 3 Emily fashion photography 4 Emily fashion photography 5 Emily fashion photography 6

Dawn – Outdoor Modeling Photos

Dawn’s outdoor modeling photos were done in Minneapolis right by the Mississippi River and near the place where Minnehaha Creek intersects.

Dawn outdoor modeling photos 1Dawn outdoor modeling photos 2 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 3 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 4 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 5 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 6 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 7 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 8 Dawn outdoor modeling photos 9

Fae – Fashion Project

Fae is a model who has a great sense for any fashion project. She is young, restless and energetic

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Mr. 83, AKA Dolla

Mr. 83 / Dolla _MG_1234_MG_0431 copy _MG_7904 top-banr-dola3 _J0R9475 _J0R5804 _J0R1851

Sandra – Glamour Photography

Sandra was a gorgeous model for the glamour photography looks we created. Her experience and enthusiasm really came through in each image.

Sandra glamour photography 1 Sandra glamour photography 3 Sandra glamour photography 4 Sandra glamour photography 5 Sandra glamour photography 6 Sandra glamour photography 7 Sandra glamour photography 8 Sandra glamour photography 9 Sandra glamour photography 10