Small Kitchen Remodel

With an older home, it can be difficult to have such small rooms. Especially when the kitchen is the most functional and used room of the house. There are many solutions for having small spaces to work with. My small kitchen remodel was inspired by IKEA kitchen designs, but built with custom cabinets, Cambria quartz composite counter tops and in-floor heat with 12″x24″ ceramic tile. This tiny kitchen is only 9’x12′ ft. (108 square ft.)

Small Kitchen Remodel Small Kitchen Remodel 2

The wall with the sink and dishwasher is 9 feet long so we had to maximize storage space by making the cabinets go up to the ceiling. Previously, the kitchen did not have a dishwasher so it was a huge benefit to add one. Otherwise, the basic layout and location of appliances did not change. The stove and refrigerator remain in the same location, but with cabinets added above. Small Kitchen Remodel 3

This is a photo of the old wall paper we discovered under the light fixture above the sink. This also shows the old kitchen crown molding Small Kitchen Remodel 4 Small Kitchen Remodel 6and oak hardwood from the original 1955 construction.

First, we placed 1/4 inch plywood over the sub-floor. Then, we sealed all the cracks with duct tape and taped down the heating coils so they would stay down when the latex concrete was poured. Before the latex concrete could be poured, the floor joists needed to be raised up with a hydrolic jack about 1.5 inches. Then, the floor joists were bridged to provide better support under the floor. This was all done to prevent the tile grout from ever moving, which would cause it to crack and fall apart.