Architectural Photography Prices:

These architectural photography prices are perfect for showcasing a commercial or residential property for a portfolio of architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, remodelers, builders, carpenters, and any other design/build related professional or business. Includes one hour of post-production for basic brightness, contrast and color correction for all images. Additional retouching and corrections can be requested for $50 per hour. The number of final images will vary depending on the size and layout of the property. A virtual slideshow tour can be added for an extra $50.

  • 1,000 square feet max, 0-1 hour max production time – $150.
  • 1,001 3,000 sq. ft. max, 2-3 hours max production time – $350.
  • 3,001 6,000 sq. ft. max, 3-6 hours max production time – $700.
  • 6,001 9,000 sq. ft. max, 6-9 hours max production time – $1,000.

Any custom styles, themes or effects can be requested with the package of your choice to fit your budget and preferences. To inquire about further details, email: or call (952)201-9572. For examples of architectural photography, visit the Architecture section in portfolio.


Please allow 7 business days from the date of production for all images to be completed and delivered electronically (by email), plus 3 business days for a CD archive (by mail). If a rush order is needed within less than 7 days, this can be requested for an additional flat charge of $100. Normally scheduled production service is subject to a signed Service Agreement prior to the date of production.

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